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Payroll Management.

Solstice + allows more than the calculation of deductions and benefits.

Enjeux de la gestion de la paie

The payroll is an important aspect of the administration employees. Embodying the relationship between the employer and the employee, the pay is a mandatory periodic document to comply with certain rules . Salary, consideration for the provision of work performed by the employee constitutes a cost for the company that should be recognized . The payroll also allows to monitor employee and employer payroll taxes .

The rules of administrative processing of payroll are constantly changing : periodic modification bases and contribution rates, regulatory or contractual modifications ( collective agreement) ... New state reforms , new aid for a limited time . In fact the payroll requires to keep constantly informed of these developments and changes.

Features solstice +

Management by exception

The mode of management by exception facilitates and accelerates the cycle of preparing payroll, because for the majority of elements of the process , a default value is assigned a logical process. You only have to handle exceptions.

Authorization of absences and definition of standard time
These options simplifies payroll , absences is known to the system and automatically treat their approvals.

Distribution des coƻts (Comptabilisation)

Distribution costs are allocated according to the allocation set in the application. Several levels of recognition are possible.

Management of accrual bank
Solstice + automates calculations of accrual bank and accumulators.

Monitoring, Verification and alerts
Management alerts helps you to be proactive , Solstice + can inform you in advance of the various upcoming events or past events to monitor. For example, the end of a probationary period, the end of a course , the return of an employee on parental leave , etc.

Management of group insurance.

Management of pension funds.

Management indemnities of any kind (parental leave, accidents, insurance).

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